Top Mobile Apps for Agriculture, Veterinary & Allied Sectors

Mobile Apps  For Agriculture & Allied Sectors

1. Nematode Info- Google Play Link 

A BILINGUAL android application that informs about various nematodes that affect the crops (rice and wheat). The first version of the application considers only the nematodes that are found in rice and wheat crops. It provides the user with various symptoms and methods to detect, prevent and manage the nematode that affects both the crops with the help of visual aid (symptoms caused by nematodes). 

2. ANGRAU-KVK Banavasi CFLD App - Google Play Link 

KVK, Banavasi has developed a mobile app “ANGRAU KVK Banavasi CFLDs” to cater the information needs of above crops which covers aspects like Crop Production, Varietal information, Crop Protection and Marketing information on Oilseeds and Pulse crops along with market information. In addition to that, it also provides other useful information and useful apps in agriculture and allied sectors

3. ANGRAU-PASHU POSHAN- Google Play Link 

App “ANGRAU Pashu Poshan” to cater the information needs of Livestock which covers aspects like Cattle management, Sheep and Goat management, Poultry (Layer & Broiler), strategies that help in doubling farmers income some best management practices and technologies along with good quality pictures. In addition to that, it also provides other useful information and useful apps in Animal Husbandry.

4. IVRI-Pashu Prajanan (Animal Reproduction)- Google Play Link 

IVRI-Pashu Prajanan (Animal Reproduction) App, designed and developed by ICAR- Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, UP & ICAR- Indian Agricultural statistic Research Institute, Pusa, New Delhi is targeted to impart knowledge and act as a ready reckoner for the Graduating Veterinarians, Field Veterinary Officers and Livestock Entrepreneurs about reproductive diseases/disorders in cattle and buffaloes and measures to treat and control them.

5. IVRI-Shukar Palan(Pig Farming)- Google Play Link 

This is an educational App providing information on all the aspects of scientific pig farming from a selection of the right breed of pig to its housing, scientific feeding, low-cost feeding, breeding management, complete health care, and general management. The App also provides information about various centers in the country where the entrepreneurs can procure pigs/piglets of specific breeds. The App additionally provides support for the development of commercial pig farming projects of various sizes (10 sows+2 boars; 20 sows +2 boars; 50 sows + 4 boars; 100 sows + 5 Boars). Further, it will also help the livestock entrepreneurs to market their pigs and piglets. The App also provides answers to FAQs in various aspects of Pig farming. It also has a section where the Do's and Don'ts for each segment of pig farming are elaborated. Thus, the Pig Farming App is a complete guide for the establishment of a pig farm on scientific lines in the country.

6.IVRI-Vaccination Guide App- Google Play Link 

The IVRI-Vaccination Guide App designed and developed by ICAR-IVRI, Izatnagar, UP & IASRI, New Delhi is targeted to impart knowledge and skills to Graduating Veterinarians, Field Veterinary Officers, Paravets, Livestock, Poultry & Pet Owners about vaccination in domestic animals, poultry and pets.

7. IVRI-Dairy Manager App- Google Play Link 

It gives information about Dairy Management.

8. IVRI-Pig Ration App- Google Play Link 

The IVRI-Pig Ration App can help the end-users to formulate balanced ration for the various categories of pigs based on the locally available feed ingredients. The app additionally provides for ready diets for different categories of pigs. The use of this Mobile App for balanced pig ration can help to enhance the profitability of the piggery enterprise.

9. IVRI-Landly Pig App- Google Play Link 

The App imparts knowledge about faster-growing pig variety namely Landlly.

10. IVRI-Artificial Insemination App- Google Play Link 

It gives information about Artificial Insemination in cattle and buffalos

11.IVRI- Waste Management Guide App- Google Play Link 

IVRI-Waste Management Guide App is designed and developed by ICAR-Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar in collaboration with ICAR-Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute, New Delhi, to impart information and knowledge to graduating veterinarians, field vets, the general public, farmers and other stakeholders about management of waste originating from agriculture, livestock and household activities.

12. IVRI-Zoonoses App- Google Play Link 

This App aims at providing basic information about important zoonotic infections including their modes of transmission, symptoms, prevention and control measures. The list of national disease control programs w.r.t. zoonotic diseases have also been included along with the list of notifiable diseases in animals.

This App will be useful to students of veterinary and medical degree programs, practicing veterinarians, health care workers, and the general public.

13. IVRI-Veterinary Clinical Care App- Google Play Link 

This App is targeted to impart knowledge and skills to Graduating Veterinarians & Field Veterinary Officers about most frequent clinical conditions encountered in field conditions related to medicine (Mastitis, Bloat, TRP, Ketosis, Milk fever, Ruminal impaction & Calf diarrhea), gynecology (Pyometra, Anestrus, Repeat Breeding, Dystocia, RFM, Uterine torsion, Uterine prolapse, Cervico- vaginal prolapse & COD) & surgery (Urolithiasis, Caesarean Section, Hernia, Castration, Fracture & Wound).

The App covers information about each of these conditions under the various subheads viz., About, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention & Control. In the surgery-related cases, information on preoperative and postoperative procedures are detailed. Educational videos on important surgical procedures like Tube Cystostomy, External Skeletal Fixation, etc have been included in the App for enhancing surgical skills in some advance surgeries. The App also contains links to various important organizations dealing with animal health.

14.IVRI-Technologies & Services App- Google Play Link 

The major objective of the app is to promote and showcase the information about important technologies such as the features, utility, IPR status and inventors for its easy commercialization.

The app mainly contains the technologies in the areas of Animal Health, Animal Feed, Animal Reproduction and Breeding, Animal Management, Surgical/Farm based equipment, Value Added Livestock Products, and Miscellaneous technologies.

A list of all the companies who have procured the technologies is also provided in the app. Further, the various types of services viz., Vaccine testing, Clinical, Diagnostic, Supply of Biologicals and other products by the Institute is also available in the app.

Reference: KVK ICAR 

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