ICAR JRF Horticulture Questions Bank- Download PDF

ICAR JRF Horticulture Questions 

1.     Horticulture GDP to Agriculture is
a.     30% b. 15% c. 20% d. 10%

2.     Dry farming is done where annual rainfall is
a .    1000mm b. above 750 but less than 1000mm c. less than 750mm d. More than 750 mm
3.     CITH is located in
a.      Jammu b. Bangalore c. Shrinagar d. Solan

4.    ICARDA is located in
a.     Tokyo b. Syria c. New York d. Nigeria

5.  Commonly used Bactericide is
a.     Mancozeb b. Streptomycine sulphate c. Sulfex d. Carboxin

     6    Frozen materials there is need of
a.     Rehydrated b. Thawed c. Dehydrated d. Cooled

7.     Specimen plant in garden which does not shade lawn
a.     Rain tree b. Christmas tree c. Bougainvillea d. Banyan tree

8     Mango hybrid which dwarf
a.     Neelkiran b. Neeleshan c. Neeluddin d. Amrapali

9.    Mallika hybrid between
a.     Neelum x Dashehari b. Dashehari x Neelum c. Alphonso x Neelum d. Neelum x Alphoso

10.     Poly embryony variety of Mango is
a.     Fazli b. Chandrakaran c. Langra d. Chusa

11. Leaf area is measured by
a. Alanometer b. Auxanometer c. Porometer d. Barometer

ICAR JRF Horticulture Questions 

12. In 2x3 factorial experiments with 3 replication then the degree of freedom will be
a. 21 b. 28 c. 26 d. 30

13. Cole crops which has internal seed borne diseases are treated for
a. 200 C for 30 min b. 300 C 30 min c.40 C for 15 min d.50 C for 30 min.

14. Head to seed method of seed production followed in
a. Cabbage b. Cauliflower c. Onion d. Knol khol

15. Cashew is not commonly propagated by
a. Epicotyl grafting b. Softwood grafting c. Airlayering d. Cleft grafting

16. According to National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) which fruit has highest anti oxidant content
a. Pineapple b. Banana c. Guava d. Sweet orange

17. Which fruit is suitable for jam making
a. Banana b. Pineapple c. Guava d. Sweet orange

18. ‘Indian Horticulture’ is published
a. Annually b. Quaterly c. Bimonthly d. Weekly

19. Vitamin-C is highest in
a. Aonla b. Barbados cherry c. Guava d. Grape

20. Blanching done for
a. Colour fixing b. Fermentation c. Sterilization d. Exhausting

21. In cushioning material of fruit packaging which of the following is used
a. Boric acid b. Ethylene c. ABA d. Potassium paramagnet

22. For cut flower packaging which of the following is used
a. Wooden boxes b. Corrugated fiber board boxes c. Plastic box d. Ply box

23. The crop highly tolerant to low pH is
a. Potato b. Cabbage c. Okra d. Onion

24. CH-1 is done by
a. CMS b. CGMS c. GMS d.None

ICAR JRF Horticulture Questions 

25. Hen and Chicken is a disorder of
a. Grape b. Mango c. Banana d. Litchi

26. For Mandarin and Sweet orange which root stock is used
a. Citron b. Gajanimma c. Rough lemon d. None

27. Most popular variety of Loose skin Mandarin is
a. Coorg Mandarin b. Nagpur Mandarin c. Kinnow Mandarin d. Sathgudi Orange

28. Apple variety suited for export is
a. Golden delicious b. Royal delicious c. Red delicious d. Ambri

29. Pomegranate variety suited for export
a. Ganesh b. Kesar c. Jyoti d. Bassien seedless

30. Indigenous variety of Apple grown in Jammu and Kashmir is
a. Ambri b. Red delicious c. Golden delicious d. Red Gold    

31. Highest production of Black pepper is in which state
a. Maharashtra b. Kerala  c. Odisha d. Karnataka

32. The enzyme present in dry latex of  papaya is
a. Papain b. Protease c. Polyglutinase d. Protopectinase

33. Gynodioecious variety of  Papaya is
a. Pusa Giant b. Coorg Honey Dew c. Pusa Dwarf d. Pusa Nanha

34. Non-selective herbicide
a. Paraquat b. Fluchloralin c. Oxyfluralin d. Alachlor

35. Root stock used for Sapota
a. Rayan b. Rough lemon c. both d. None

36. Nucellar seedlings used for grafting to maintain true to type
a. Khagzi lime b. Sapota c. Mango d. None

37. Rose pruning time in most of Rose growing area
a. Oct-Nov b.  Dec-Jan c. July-Aug d. Nov-Dec

38. Scab is disease of
a. Potato b. Tomato c. Brinjal d. Chilli

ICAR JRF Horticulture Questions 

39. Gladiator is a variety of
a. Rose b. Chrysanthemum c. Corn flower d. Carnation

40. Xanthophyll is extracted from
a. Chrysanthemum b. Marigold c. Carnation d. Rose

41. Botanical name of Mexican Marigold is
a. Tegetus petula b. Tegetus erecta c. T. manuta d. T. tenuifolia

42. Botanical name of  Plum
a. Prunus domestica b. Pyrus communis c. Prunus avium d. Prunus cerasus 

43. Which of the following is not a dioecious vegetable
a. Sponge gourd b. Asparagus c. Ivy gourd d. Pointed gourd
44. Leafy sepals used as ornamental plant
a. Mussanda b. Bougainvillea c. Camellia d. None

45. Quincunx system accommodates
a. One to one and half b. two times c. four d. three

46. Dry flower % export among all floriculture products
a. 50% b. 70% c. 40% d. 60%

47. Gladiolus flower called as
a. Spike b. Raceme c. Spadix d. Capitulum

48. Coconut Development Board is located in
a. Mumbai b. Cochin c. Bangalore d. Calicut

49. Mango inflorescence type
a. Panicle b. Raceme c. Cymose d. Solitary  

50. Plant suitable for Topiary
a. Tecoma b. Clerodendron c. Thunbergia d. Duranta

51. Plant suitable for Bonsai making and which is easily available
a. Rain tree b. Banyan tree c. Acacia d. None

52. Baradari have how many canopied doors
a. 6 b. 8 c. 12 d. 9

ICAR JRF Horticulture Questions 

53. Turmeric is propagated by
a. Rhizomes b. Corms c. Tubers d. Seeds

54. Curcumin is extracted from
a. Turmeric b. Ginger c. Kokum d. Curry leaf

55. Propagation of Pineapple is done by
a. Suckers b. Slips c. Crown d. All of these

56. In Brinjal which type style sets high fruits
a. Medium style b. Long style c. Short style d. Psudo short style

57. India has highest productivity in world
a. Banana b. Grape c. Mango d. Pineapple

58. India is leading in production of
a. Sapota b. Mango c. Banana  d. All of these

59. Aroma, taste and feel leads
a. Flavour b. Rancidity c. Astringency d. Viscosity

60. Multiple fruit among the following
a. Pineapple b. Rasp berry c. Straw berry d. Custard apple

61. Type of fruit of Pineapple
a. Drupe b. Sorosis c. Pome d. Nut

62. Coconuts take how many months from fertilization to mature nuts?
a. 5-6 Months b. 7-8 Months c. 8-10 Months d. 11-12 Months

63. In which mixed cropping sowing is done when another crop is standing?
a. Alley cropping b. Double cropping c. Mixed cropping d. Strip cropping

64. In order to avoid viral disease, a mild strain of pathogen is put into the genome of  plant is called
a. Cross protection b. Sterilization c. Immunization d. None

65. Sugarcane stubbles regain the growth and it is called as
a. Ratooning b. Suckering c. Tillering d. Retooning

66. Which type of cabbage come late to the market?
ICAR JRF Horticulture Questions 

a. Round head b. Oblong head c. Pointed head d. Flat head

67. Plum corky spot and fruit cracking is due to
a. Ca b. B c. N d. K

68. Reclamation of acid soils is by
a. Lime b. Gypsum c. Both d. Rock Phosphate

69. Highest Mango producing state is
a. Tamil nadu b. MH c. UP d.AP

70. Chrysanthemum is a
a. Short day plant b. Long day plant c. Day neutral plant d. All of these

71. In gynoecious lines of Cucumber maleness is induced by
a. Cytokinin b. Gibberellins c. NAA d. Ethylene

72. Which of following is not a following annual
a. Ipomea b. Balsam c. Kochia d. Thitonia

73. Which spice is called as a King of Spice
a. Cardamom b. Black pepper c. Vanilla d. None

74. In Pomegranate cultivation threatening the expanding of area
a. Bacterial wilt b. Bacterial blight c. Leaf spot d. Black spot

75. Major cut flower producing state
a. TN b. KA c. AP d. WB

76. Spongy tissue is problem in
a. Kesar b. Alphonso c. Dashehari d. Langra

77. Potato ploidy level and chromosome number
a. 2n=2x=48 b. 2n=4x= 48  c. 2n=4x=42 d. 2n=2x=42

78. Ploidy level of French marigold
a. Diploid b. Triploid c. Tetraploid d. None

79. Plant having male, female and Hermaphrodite is
a. Andromonoecious b. Gynomonoecious c. Trimonoecious d. Submonoecious

ICAR JRF Horticulture Questions 

80. Pungency of Radish is due to
a. Isothyosinate b. Allyl propyle disulphide c. Dimethyle disulphide d. None

81. The allyle propyle disulphide present in
a. Beetroot b. Onion c. Carrot d. Raddish

82. The centromere of chromosome is also called
a. Chromomere b. Primary constriction c. Secondary constriction d. Telomere

83. Often cross pollinated vegetable
a. Okra b. Brinjal c. Tomato d. Chilli

84. Autogamy found in 
a. Tomato b. Chilli c. Brinjal d. Okra

85. CISH is located in
a. Lucknow b. Mumbai c. Bangalore d. Srinagar

86. F­1 crossed with any of the parent is called
a. Back cross b. Test cross c. Top cross d. None of these

87. IIVR is located at
a. Varanasi b. New Delhi c. Shimla d. Solan

88. Botanical name of Pumello
a. Citrus paradisi b. C. sinensis c. C. grandis d. C. aurantifolia

89. Which of the following belong to Mango family
a. Walnut b. Pecanut c. Cashew nut d. Mangosteen

90. Specific gravity indicates
a. Maturity b. Purity c. Harvesting index d. Phisiolological maturity

91. Bent neck is a problem in
a. Gerbera b. Carnation c. Rose d. Heliconia

92. Propagation of Datepalm
a. Suckers b. Seeds c. Offshoots d. None

93. In Grape which is used as thinning and berry size increasing
a. GA3 b. Auxin c. Cytokinin d. ABA

ICAR JRF Horticulture Questions 

94. Head to seed method is followed in
a. Cauliflower b. Cabbage c. Knolkhol d. Onion

95. “Head” is economical part of
a. Cabbage b. Cauliflower c. Knolkhol d. Sprouting broccoli

96. “ Indian Horticulture” is published
a. Quarterly b. Bimonthly c. Annually d. Half yearly

97. Dry latex of  Papaya contain _______ enzyme
a. Papain b. Protease c. Polyprotease d. None

98. Protopectin is converted to pectin by enzyme
a. Protopectinase b. Pectinase c. Polypectinase d. None

99. Arka Aruna is a hybrid of Mango from
a. Banganpalli x Alphonso b. Alphonso x Banganpalli c. Alphoso x Neelum d. Neelum x Alphonso

100. Critical stage of irrigation in Wheat is
a. Crown root initiation b. Milking stage c. Tillering d. Grain filling stage

101. Arka Mridula is variety of
a.  Guava b. Pomegranate c. Mango d. Papaya

102. Tall mutant of  Dwarf Cavendish
a. G-9 b. Robusta c. Pedda paccha kai d. Poovan

103. Leaf area is measured by which instrument
a. Alanometer b. Porometer c. Auxanometer d. Barometer
104. Culinary purpose variety of Banana
a. Monthan b. Nendran c. Robusta d. Poovan

105. Which is used to serve directly?
a. RTS b. Nectar c. Cordial d. Squash

106. ‘HORTUS’ word is derived from
a. Latin b. Greek c. Arabian d. French

ICAR JRF Horticulture Questions 

107. Pectin is measured by
a. Hydrometer b. Jelmeter c. Jellymeter d. None

108. Not a primary preservative
a. Potassium metabisuphite b. Oil c. Sugar d. Salt

109. Along with cushioning material which is used for ethylene absorbant
a. Potassium permanganate b. Boric acid c. ABA d. Ethylene

110. Blanching is done to
a. Fixing of colour b. Sterilization c. Pasturization d. Immunization

111. Light reaction takes place in
a. Grana b. Stroma c. Cytoplasm d. Nucleus

112. DNA synthesis takes place in
a. S-Phase b. G1-Phase c. G2-Phase d. Telophase

113. Protein synthesis takes place in
a. Ribosomes b. Nucleus c. Nucleolus d. Mitochondria

114. In world vegetable share from India
a. 13.38% b. 33.38% c. 23.38% d. 43.67%

115. Jam prepared from
a. Pineapple b. Guava c. Banana d. Pomegranate

116. Degreening is done by _____ in citrus
a. Ethylene b. Potassium c. Methylene d. Calcium carbide

117. Potato exposed to sunlight causes
a. Greening b. Hollow heart c. Browning d. Black heart

118. Main feature of English garden
a. Rockery b. Lawn c. Border d. Water pond

119. Japanese garden do not have
a. Hill garden b. Terrace garden c. Tea garden d. Sand garden

120. Attach method of grafting
a. Wedge grafting b. Approach grafting c. Cleft grafting d. Side grafting

ICAR JRF Horticulture Questions 

121. Which among the following is bactericide
a. Streptomycin sulphate b. Carbendasim c.Mancozeb d. Carboxin

122. Pisum sativum is the botanical name of
a.Garden Pea b. Cow pea c. French beans d. Dolichos bean

123. Which of the following is multivitamin greens
a. Winged bean b. Chakarmunis c. French bean d. Amaranthus

124. Gladiolus is propagated by
a. Suckers b. Corms c. Tubers d. Cuttings

125. Red tinge with pink flesh in watermelon is due to
a. Anthocyanin b. Lycopene c. Anthocyanin & Lycopene d. None

126. Gherkins are used for
a. Canning b. Pickling c. Syruping d. Brining

127. In cucurbits for changing the sex forms growth regulators are sprayed at
a. 2-4 leaf stage b. 4-6 leaf stage c. 6-8 leaf stage d. 9-11 leaf stage

ICAR JRF Horticulture Questions 

Match the following:

1. Whip tail of Cauliflower
a. Mo
2. Intervinal chlorosis in younger leaves
b. Mg
3. Marginal leaf scorching
c. K
4. Intervinal chlorosis in older leaves
d. Fe
5. Gum pockets of terminal leaves
e. Cu


1. Biocide
a. 8HQC
2. Pulsing
b. Sucrose
3. Insecticide
c. Melathion
4. Fungicide
d. Thiram
5. CCC
e. Growth retardant

1. Leek
a. Amaryllidae
2. Asparagus
b. Aizoaceae
3. Colocassia
c. Araceae
4. Lettuce
d. Compositae
5. Beet
e. Chenopodiaceae

1. Viticulture
a. Grape
2. Citriculture
b. Citrus
c. Eriophid mite
4. Banana
d. Stem weevil
5. Mango
e. Stem borer

ICAR JRF Horticulture Questions 

1. 2,4- D
a. Weedicide
2. Glyphosate
b. Herbicide
3. Ethylene
c. Ripener
4. ABA
d. Stomatal regulation
5. Vivipary
e. Chow-chow
1. VAM
a. Fungus + Biofertilizer
2. Pseudomonas
b. Bacteria
3. Trichoderma viride
c. Fungus + Biofungicide
4. Bracon beptes
1. Stratification
a. Moist chilling
2. Scarification
b. Sulphuric acid
3. TTC
c. Seed viability
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