Horticulture PDF Book Download- Agriculture Book

Principles of Horticulture: PDF Agriculture Book Download

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Chapter 1 Horticulture in context

Chapter 2 Climate and microclimate

Chapter 3 Environment and ecology

Chapter 4 Classification and naming

Chapter 5 External characteristics of the plant 

Chapter 6 Plant cells and tissues 

Chapter 7 Plant reproduction 

Chapter 8 Plant growth 

Chapter 9 Transport in the plant

Chapter 10 Pollination and fertilization

Chapter 11 Plant development 

Chapter 12 Plant propagation 

Chapter 13 Weeds 

Chapter 14 Horticultural pests

Chapter 15 Horticultural diseases and disorders

Chapter 16 Plant protection

Chapter 17 Physical properties of soil

Chapter 18 Soil organic matter

Chapter 19 Soil water

Chapter 20 Soil pH

Chapter 21 Plant nutrition

Chapter 22 Alternatives to growing in the soil 

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