Learn & Earn | Start Your own Blog & Earn

Learn & Earn | Start Your own Blog & Earn

[Earning from $5.57/Month to US$399.08 / Month]

Man behind agriadda: Hi friends,  I am Vivekanand Oraon an agriculture graduate from Banaras Hindu University. After graduation, I completed my Post Graduate Program in Agribusiness Management from NIAM-Jaipur

Being a non-technical person, I have learnt most of the things online and through my practical experiences of 5 years. 

I am a passionate blogger and I have been learning about many technical issues related to blogging, Digital Marketing & SEO

Do you want to start a blog and earn money by Blogging?

Yes! it is possible and I started my agriadda blog in 2015.

During 2015, I had no mentor or guide to make me understand about blogging. I started own self my first agriadda blog without having technical classes, guide or mentor. I learned most of the technicalities during my journey of blogging for five years.

But, now it's easy to start a blog with the help of simple guidance and mentorship of experienced bloggers.  

In India, there are many bloggers who have been earning lakhs of money through blogging. Through agriadda blog, I have been earning a good amount.

If you are passionate about learning and want to start your own blog like mine then you should join my agriadda blogging program. 

I will guide you about how to start a blog from scratch and earn through blogging.

Top 10 Indian Bloggers of 2019 + Monthly Income

How to enroll in my agriadda blogging program?

Initially, I have decided to guide only a few serious readers of my agriadda blog so that I can guide them properly through  WhatsApp chat and study materials.

Only a group of 25 people will be allowed for this program on a first come first serve basis 

What is the duration of course?

It's an online 30 Days course through WhatsApp group namely "agriadda blogging program". 

I will guide you step-by-step regarding how to start a blog and send you the training materials on your WhatsApp and resolve your queries. So, it's not like any other online class where you have to attend at a particular time. you would be able to ask your queries on WhatsApp and get resolved anytime. 

You will be able to start your blog within 1 week. For your support and mentorship, I will support for 12 months under this "agriadda blogging program".

How to enroll in my agriadda blogging program?

Course fee - INR 495/- 
Course Duration- 30 Days+One year support & Guidance
Make an online payment through PAYTM or GOOGLE PAY - 7633837606
or just scan below-mentioned QR code for payment

[Note: After payment please confirm me on WhatsApp -7633837606]

Content of my agriadda blogging program:
  1. Why start a Blog or why blogging?
  2. My agriadda.in blog journey [Earning from $5.57/Month to US$399.08 / Month]
  3. What is Adsense?
  4. What is the Amazon Affiliate Program?
  5. How to start Blogs?
  6. Which blog-topic should be selected?
  7. Blog Domain name selection (e.g in my case agriadda.in is the domain name)
  8. How to Buy a Domain name? how to get a free domain name?
  9. Where should you host your blog?
  10. How to create and design a blog?
  11. Basic principles of blogging
  12. How to write your first blog?
  13. How to monetize or earn money from a blog?
  14. How to get traffic/more readers?
  15. Your queries and their resolutions
For any queries, please feel free to ask in the comment section below this post or Click here 
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