Job Profile | Field Officer / Technical Assistant- Tobacco Board of India

Tobacco Board of India
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1) He will be working under immediate supervision of Senior Grading Officer (SGO) subjective to overall control of the Auction Superintendent. 

2) Arrange collection of soil and water samples and ensure accuracy in collection

3) He shall verify all barns in his jurisdiction physically and ensure proper maintenance of barn enumeration registers. 

4) He shall scrutinize the registration applications of growers / nurserymen / barn operators decide the eligibility for registration as per the production policy / guidelines and renew TGPB’s. 

5) He shall conduct 100 % verification of registration certificates of all categories and ensure issuance to the applicants within the prescribed time limit. 

6) He shall submit Nursery, Plantation and Crop condition reports at periodical intervals as prescribed, to the Senior Grading Officer. 

7) He shall select the farmers for implementation of all technical programs under the guidance of Senior Grading Officer and Auction Superintendent. 

8) He shall be responsible for successful implementation of all Technical programs and achievement of results. 

9) He shall be responsible for collection of field data on all the Technical programs and cost of cultivation. 

10) He shall visit the Fields regularly; disseminate all packages of practices and technical know-how from time to time in respect of control of pests and diseases and cultural practices. 

11) He shall visit grading pendals and motivate the farmers for proper grading and ensure presentation of well graded tobacco on the platform. 

12) He shall prepare a list of farmers who obtained registration as grower and not planted tobacco by the end of January and submit the report to Senior Grading Officer. 

13) He shall inspect nurseries and Field crop in relation to the accuracy of area declared by the Grower actually planted keeping in view the report of Field Assistant with regard to violations and report to Senior Grading Officer, cases of violations with necessary evidence. 

14) He shall attend to classification of tobacco on the Platform and accountable for more Company Rejections (C.Rs) on account of wrong classification in the lots of bales classified by him.

15) He shall submit Tentative Tour Program (TTP) once in a week to the Senior Grading Officer and obtain permission. He shall submit tour dairy to the Senior Grading Officer before 10th of every month. 

16) During auction period, Field Officer will be entrusted with additional duties of reception / floor in charge / godown in charge in addition to their regular duty of classification of tobacco on the platform

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