Memory-Based Questions on IBPS AFO –2017

Memory-Based Questions on IBPS AFO –2017 Agricultural Field Officer

Analysis of memory based questions IBPS AFO-2017

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1) Hen required how much floor space per bird sq/ft as per NABARD norms? 1sq ft 

2) How much percentage of subsidy given by govt of India for 10 hp pumps. 10,000 & 50% 

3) What is money allocated for 1 ha horticulture crop as per national horticulture mission programme?15 lakh per nursery of 1 hectare under NHM

4) what is the optimum temperature for wheat crop?25*C

5) which of the following is not a micronutrient? Nitrogen

6) J & Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Himachal pradesh lies under which agro-climatic zone? Western himalayas 

7) what is plant population for long duration rice ? 3,33,000 (20*15) for long duration 

8) what is the plant population for medium cotton crop? 55,000 (60*30 cm spacing for medium duration) 

9) As per NABARD norms, Murrha Buffalo required the percentage of area? 5kg feed during lactation period

10) Which state or UT have highest percentage area of forest?Madhya Pradesh

11) What is minimum temperature of rice crop? 10-12*C 

12) Which state/union territory has minimum percentage of forest area? Daman Diu 

13) MB plough, for tractor pull can work in per day (2 bottom)?1.5-2HA per day

14) Which soil is maximum in hills and gigantic plans? Laterites Nd lateritic soils

15) Which tillage is used in which no soil particles are disturb and crop residue essentially in place on the land as a surface cover? Stubble mulching 

16) Soil health card scheme has what percentage allocation for micro nutrients and soil ameriolants ? 5000/Ha for micronutrients and soil ammendmants under soil health 

17) Water use efficiency highest for drip irrigation is as high as ? 95%

18) Interest on 3 lakh loan,after interest subvention farmer have to pay only 4%.

19) In which method of seed sowing, the seed is managed to sown at desired depth through a hole? Dibbing 

20) The method in which seed is sown and closed by soil in a regular process? Sowing behind plough 

21) Which of the following is temperate crop? Wheat 

22) Causal agent in mango plant? Colletotricum gleosporoides 

23)  Causal agent in citrus? phytophthora palmivora

24) The life span of coconut in years for coconut palm? 60-65 years

25) ICAR was established in the year? 16 July 1929

26) Which element is most useful for root growth. Phosphorous 

27) Seed rate for rice in line sowing method? 60kg/ha

28) Which nutrient helps in a chlorophyll formation and enzyme? Copper

29) As per FAO norms, preservation industry get how much credit for a commercial bank?

30) Which is Off season inter-cultivation? None (since clean tillage is conventional tillage or special purpose tillage system )

30) Organic farming in India get how much amount of loan under NHM?10000/ha 

31) Percentage of loan for small and marginal farmers by domestic schedule banks?

32) Sulpher is utilized by crop in which form  sulphate (SO4-S) form

33) As per RBI, the limit set for loan repayment does not go beyond?

34) If soil ph 6.5 reduce by 1 then soil become less acidic by how many percentages? 10 times more acidic 

35) Advantage of Agroforestry is to get maximum output of fodder, timber, fuel 

36) When farms having agriculture crop, forest crops, timber, wooden on Panchyat lands called Mixed forestry

37) Shallow depth root consists of which of the following? 5-10cm

38)  the type of irrigation in whichfield is divided into smaller unit areas so that each has a nearly level surface, Bunds or ridges are constructed around the area is alluvial

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