PDF Agriculture Book: Production Economics and Farm Management

Production Economics and Farm Management: PDF Book

Semester: II Pages:71
Study Material Course No.: Ag Econ 122 (Production Economics and Farm Management) Credit Hours : 1 + 1=2; Semester:II

Course Contents (Theory) • Production Economics: Meaning, definition. • Nature and scope of Agricultural Production Economics. • Basic concepts and terms. • Meaning and types of production functions • Laws of returns: Increasing, constant and decreasing. • Factor-product relationship. Determination of optimum input and output. • Factor-factor relationship. • Product-product relationship. • Type of enterprise relationship. • Returns to scale: meaning, definition, importance. • Farm management definition, scope, importance. • Typical farm management decisions. • Economic principles applied to the organization of farm business. • Types and systems of farming, • Cost concepts and farm efficiency. • Farm planning and budgeting. • Risk and uncertainty. • Linear programming: Assumption, advantages and limitations of linear programming. 

Course Outline (Practical) • Application of Farm Management Principles • Computation of cost concepts • Methods of consumption of depreciation • Analyses of net worth statement • Farm inventory analysis • Preparation of farm plans and budgets • Types of farm records and account • Preparation of profit and loss account • Break-even analysis • Cost of cultivation and economic analysis of different crop and livestock enterprises.

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