NABARD-Books for Agriculture & Rural Development-2018

Agriculture & Rural Development (with focus on Rural India) - 40 marks  Recommended Book 

Agriculture and Rural Development section is one of the important parts of the preliminary examination. 

As we know NABARD is Credit Lending Institution for Agriculture and Rural Sector. So candidates are required to prepare these section very well. Following books are important and we recommend for the Preliminary Exam of NABARD 2018.

NABARD Phase I-Books for Agriculture section 

Agriculture at a Glance
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"Agriculture at a Glance" has been prepared in most simple, clear and in the appropriate manner so that easy to grasp and remember, based on the syllabus of most of the agricultural competitive examinations with basic and current knowledge of various fields of agriculture.

NABARD Phase I-Books for Rural Development section 

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This book "Agriculture and Rural Development" brings out the emerging challenges and discusses the policies and programmes for holistic and sustainable development of rural India. Different issues that come up for analysis in this book are classified into SIX 

Rural Development: Indian Context
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Rural Development : Indian Context Topics Covered Block-1 Rural Society Unit-1 Social Structure Unit-2 Rural Economic Structure Unit-3 Rural Power Structure Unit-4 Rural-Urban Interactions Block-2 Rural Development Unit-1 Development Unit-2 Rural Development: Approaches and Process Unit-3 Rural Social Development Unit-4 Human Development Unit-5 Sustainable Development Block-3 Nature and Process of Development Unit-1 Concept of Rural Development: Meaning Nature and Scope of Rural Development Unit-2 Pre-Independence Initiatives in Rural Development Unit-3 Extension and Community Development Unit-4 Panchayati Raj, Co-operatives and Green Revolution Unit-5 Rural Credit, Micro Finance, Self-Help Groups Block-4 State and Rural Development Unit-1 Role of State in Rural Development Unit-2 Five Year Plans and Rural Development Unit-3 Rural Development Programmes: A Retrospect Unit-4 Rural Development Current Programmes Unit-5 Rural Development Administration Block-5 VOs and NGOs in Rural Development Unit-1 Voluntary Efforts and NGOs Unit-2 Women and NGOs Unit-3 Youth and NGOs Unit-4 Education and NGOs Unit-5 Environment and NGOs Block-6 Emerging Rural Society Unit-1 Patterns of Emerging Rural Society Unit-2 Empowerment Unit-3 Rural Health Care Unit-4 Rural Education Unit-5 Rural Infrastructure and PURA Sample Question Papers Sample Question Paper-I Sample Question Paper-II Question Papers 1. Solution Paper - June 2015 2. Solution Paper - Dec 2015

India 2018for govt schemes,  state policy, public schemes and important data 
(for govt schemes,  state policy, public schemes and important data related to demographics, trade, economy, and others.) 

Being a government publication, the information presented is authentic that is also used as a reference source by researchers, media and reputed publications.

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