AIASA Social War Against Revised Rules Under the Insecticide Act

AIASA-Social War Against Revised Rules Under the Insecticide Act

Government vide Notification in Feb 2016 made Professional degree in agriculture as a mandatory qualification for getting new license and renewal of license for sale and distribution of pesticides and inputs with the intention to involve youth in agriculture for providing relevant information to farmers, for more job opportunities to agricos and for the overall development of agriculture. 

As per revised rules under the Insecticide Act, all new and renewal of license were to be given to agriculture graduates only from Feb 2018. 

But the senior officials of agriculture Ministry meanwhile amended rules in Feb 2017 by allowing one-year diploma in agriculture /horticulture for getting a license and gave direction to all agricultural universities along with crores of funds to give one-year diploma for traders/dealers in 48 hours study i.e. one hour lecture in each Sunday. 

The four years professional degree equated with the one-year diploma in 48 hours by fraudulently amending essential qualifications. This is nothing but cheating to agriculture communities to debar youth in agriculture from getting the license for pesticides and inputs.

AIASA has decided to initiate social mobilization on facebook, twitter of Honorable PM, Mr. Radha Mohan Singh and Mr.Parsotttam Rupala w.e.f 19 April 2017 at 10 AM onwards by posting en mass comments for the immediate withdrawal of one-year diploma in 48 hours as an essential qualification for traders/dealers for having a 10th pass for getting the license. 

All agricos throughout India be ready for social war for pressing their legitimate issues of keeping degree in agriculture and allied only for getting the license for pesticide and input sale, distribution and dealership. 

AIASA has also decided to initiate social war for establishment ACI on the pattern of MCI, VCI etc and CREATION OF CENTRAL AGRICULTURE SERVICE immediately after resolving removal of a diploma from eligibility.

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