List of Recommended books for ICAR JRF Preparation Soil Science

List of Recommended books for ICAR JRF Preparation: Soil Science [ Physical Science Group ]

We have compiled the list of recommended books which are very useful for ICAR JRF exam preparation.

1. Textbook of Soil Science by T. Biswas, S Mukherjee : BUY Online

This edition is in response to a number of appreciative remarks and useful suggestions made by the readers. In view of the suggestions, the following additions and alterations have been made. Some recent development in the description and characteristics of brown hill soils under forest, soils under forest, soil taxonomy, land degradation and watershed management have been included. 

The title of Chapter 9 has been changed to Soil Conservation alone, instead of Soil Erosion and Conservation. SI units have been used throughout the book. We have, however, retained quoted data in the original units. We are grateful to our colleagues, students, and other readers who have rendered invaluable help in various ways in the preparation of the second edition.

2. Introductory Soil Science by Dilip Kumar Das: BUY Online

This text book is a comprehensive one and will meet the growing need of the students engaged in UG and PG programme and also teachers engaged in agricultural education.

Soil science deals with soil considered as a natural body and as an important medium for crop growth. A study of soil science includes; (i) soil geology - the study of the geological materials from which the soil is derived and its process of formation, (ii) soil chemistry - the study of the chemical components of the soil, their interaction with one another and the effects of the chemical environment of the soil, (iii) soil physics - study the effects of physical laws on the evolution of chemical properties and physical properties of soils, and (iv) soil biology - the study of the effect of plants, animals and soil micro-organisms on the evolution, chemical composition and physical condition of the soil.


3. Objective Soil Science with Memory Based ARS SRF JRF IARI Entrance Question Papers by Ramesh: BUY Online

This Books contains questions bank which is very helpful for JRF preparation and quick revision. 


4. Objective Soil Physics by S. B. Kumar: BUY Online 

The book Objective Soil Physics " is designed to serve the problem of students of Agriculture, Forestry, Engineering, etc., preparing for various competitive examinations like JRF, SRF, NET, ARS and other examinations.

 The questions are written in simple language and even complex concepts have been divided into several understandable steps of questions. The author has attempted to cover the recent questions in the field without sacrificing the simplicity of language and style. The various linkages of the subject are maintained meticulously. Various complex and numerical parts of the subject have been converted into easily understandable questions step by step. Questions on soil physics, basics of soil science, remote sensing and biophysics for competitive examinations are unique features of this book. Model set of the questions have also been written for the revision of subject concerned.

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