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Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Economic Affairs Economic Division January 2017

The Survey is divided into three sections: The Perspective, The Proximate, and The Persistent. And to entice the reader, we have a section called "Eight Interesting Facts About India". 

In Section I, the introductory chapter provides a broad overview of recent developments and a near-term outlook. The following chapter takes a long-term perspective to analyze where India stands on the underlying economic vision, arguing that overcoming some meta-challenges will require broader societal shifts in ideas. Economic reforms are not, or not just, about overcoming vested interests, they are increasingly about shared narratives and vision on problems and solutions.

Section II deals with four pressing near-term issues: demonetisation, the festering twin balance sheet challenge, and ways to address it, fiscal policy of the center and states, and labour-intensive employment creation. It also includes a review of sectoral developments in the first half of the year. 

Section III deals with more medium term issues. There are perhaps two broad themes to this section: the states (and cities) and Big Data. "Cooperative and competitive federalism" is not a glib mantra, it is India's unavoidable future. That requires shining the spotlight on the states and on India as a union of them.

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