ICAR’s 22nd All India Examinations (AIEEA) Schedule Announced-2017

ICAR’s 22nd All India Examinations (AIEEA) Schedule

13-05-2017: Undergraduate degree Programmes (AIEEA-UG-2017) Exam Schedule

14-05-2017: Postgraduate Admission and  Award of PG Scholarship (AIEEA-PG-2017) Exam Schedule

Reference: http://www.icar.org.in/files/AIEEA-UG-PG-2017.pdf

General Agriculture For I. C. A. R. Examinations (J. R. F. , Ph. D, S. R. F. & A. R. S. ), 23rd Edition 


This textbook is for students who are aiming to get admission into various agricultural programs including Agricultural Scientific Research, Junior Research Fellowship, Senior Research Fellowship and Doctorate Programs. the book features detailed information about various concepts of agriculture. Hence, it is also useful for students who are preparing for M.Sc. and Ph.D. entrance examinations.

This book contains several informational pages about some famous biologists, Indian food grain production, varieties of crops, plants superlatives, growth substances of plants and facts about different types of soils. Moreover, information about commercial crops and various chemicals properties in different soils are also incorporated in the textbook.

Salient Features:
  • More than 3000 Solved Questions
  • Last 13 Years 800 Solved Questions of JRF, Ph.D (IARI) & BHU (Pre-P.G) Exams
  • More than 3800 Solved Question
  • Statistical Data on Agricultural Area and Production.
  • Detailed but-to-the-point description

General Agriculture For I. C. A. R. Examinations (J. R. F. , Ph. D, S. R. F. & A. R. S. ), 23rd Edition BUY NOW

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